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Outsource services

Outsourced services

Coeos Technologies outsourcing services will help keep your business running. From IT to Networks, we provide multi-level support on a 24/7 basis. Our staff will manage :
- Supervision and monitoring
- Administration
- User and customer support
- Issue and bug management from identification to resolution
- Escalation 


Our high-quality services are based on a trained staff, quality management, knowledge capitalization, and continuous improvement.

IT Support & Helpdesk
Network Operations Center

Coeos Techhnologies outsourcing services will be your interface to manage your IT.

Our helpdesk team is trained on classic office software as well as on your specific applications and hardware. The team will be available 24/7 to answer from basic questions to more complex situations and identify any issues to escalate them to a higher level of support. The maintenance and escalation team are included in all new project before deployement and are trained on your systems. They are also in contact with the external software editors if needed. Efficiency in these support processes are obtained through documenting recuring issues/questions and including them in FAQ documents.

Our NOC teams offer uninterrupted service to keep your business up and running.

We provide end to end network support for all networks like IP networks (voice and data services), fiber, satellite, GSM, UMTS, E1/T1 through a 24 x 7 x 365 supervision and monitoring and our capacity to intervene rapidly on the equipments and escalate to providers in a timely manner with respect to the defined SLAs.

Our team can also provide administration and expertise to manage your network in its normal project lifecycle or during crisis.

Outsourced development

Outsourced development

Web & Mobile Factory

In a world where digital is everywhere, our clients are facing important challenges transforming their businesses to use and adapt to this new communication channel: quality, cost and value. To help you tackle these concerns, our Web & Mobile Factory offers a wide range of expertise in the digital world from ideation to implementation through web and mobile applications : marketing, design, agile developement, technologies.



High availability






XP Programming




UX and design: Balsamiq, Axure, InVision, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Native mobile applications: IOs, Android

Frontend technologies and frameworks:  HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Foundation, Angular JS, Javascript

Backend technologies and frameworks:  Django, Zend, Symphony, PHP, Ruby on Rails, NodeJS

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